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There was a recent tragedy that involved a woman who was pretty smart and self reliant. Unfortunately she got caught up in a cultish group and ended up dead in a sweat lodge from heat stroke. There were plenty of people around, but they just thought that the guru (James Ray) had it under control. Plenty of religions and cultures have medicine men who aren't questioned, but we are only supposed to give our minds to God. That is one sign that All At His Feet group is off. They don't think for themselves but are ever reliant on the active word of God that only Mike Peters can provide.
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Topic Subject: Is At His Feet Cult Forum A Cult?
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I'm not trying to be cute. I'm wondering if it's possible. While there may not be some clear line of leadership, there is an organized effort to mold public perception regarding all things Indy. What's more, there does seem to be quite a bit of group-think going on here. And what if it IS a what? Maybe the question should be ... is American Idol a cult, is the NFL a cult, is Fox News a cult ... or, what organization on God's green earth ISN'T a cult? I'd love to see some discussion around this. -John L
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Topic Subject: How Not To Catch the "Black Death"
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Perhaps the hardest thing for me to accept about MP and the Church is the way that they so strictly discourage and prevent members from seeing members of their own biological families. My friend Rich L (Richy) and I were best friends in High School and after we graduated I became evangelical and witnessed to him, months later his girlfriend witnessed to him and he became part of the Crossroads Movement. He then witnessed to me and I was instrumental in pulling him out of that. The compromise was that we both joined the mainstream Church of Christ. I because radicalized when I went to Harding University in Searcy, AR and eventually joined MP. Rich and Paula soon followed. One of the things that happened to both of us was that we became increasingly distant from our biological families. In the end, I left and reconnected with mine, but Rich stayed and he increasingly shunned his parents and siblings. Now when I was in touch with his parents, I saw the deep, deep, deep grief that came from this abandonment and I could not see any way that this could be considered Godly. Of course I'm familiar with Luke 14:26-33, which is used to justify this practice. Trouble is this is a really hard scripture to interpret. Most mainstream people who write on this topic, however, find a way to explain away anything that would force any of us to do anything different than we normally do. Indy and some other fringe groups are the only exceptions. This is really tough medicine and I can't support it. I'd rather err on the side of generosity of spirit toward those who I may think are not in step with the spirit to the degree that I think they should be. Trouble is that my perspectives keep evolving so I've learned not to rely on my own perspectives but to try and just be a light if I can. When I think about Olly dying last year and there being no one from the family invited, no anything, that is really hard for me. Olly and I were working together street preaching in Searcy when we met Mike. It's hard for me to hear about how he died. It seems cruel and unkind to me. It seems like a way of putting up a wall, or closing the door on the ark so that those outside simply drown. Having said that ... If you really look at the country we live in, somehow we find ways of just going along with the culture. Any resistance to that culture is itself met with resistance. Can any of us really not see that it's almost like the plague, or black death, has infected almost everyone? If the black death is truly going around in our culture, then the one and only way to avoid infection is to not let those who are infected in to the midst of those who are not infected. To me, the completely understandable reason that MP and company are so harsh and strict is that they really, really, really don't want the black death of christian mediocrity to come in and kill everyone that's there. If that seems overly dramatic, keep in mind that most plagues spread through casual contact. "What's the big deal? I only want to go back to Minnesota to bury my father." "And while you're there you'll become infected with the black-death thinking that is killing our world. You'll then bring it back and infect the people here." Those aren't literal quotes, but you get the idea. So on a completely rational level, the practice of shunning, although COMPLETELY against the norms of our culture (but not really when you think about it), are in fact proven to work. If a deadly disease is spreading, none of us would let our children go to school and potentially get infected. It's the same in Indy. What they're doing hurts, is sad, and in my opinion is likely often misguided (but not always), however it is effective and is probably the greatest contributing factor to why they have survived. Please note that I grieve for Rich's parents. I don't think that the way to win over the hearts of parents who "see things differently" is to be so arrogant and hard-hearted as Rich has been to them. I think he's wrong and I think MP has been wrong to encourage it. Why? Because I don't think that his parents are so powerful in their influence that they can really affect Rich. And to me it's more important to be a light and an encouragement than a bringer of condemnation. I hope that someday he sees it differently, but at this point it's almost certainly too late. The act of shunning has itself so reinforced their feeling that Rich is in a wicked group of evil people that they most certainly would make every attempt to convince him to get out. If he had played things differently (and this would apply to many situations and biological relationships) I think more would have been positively influenced by MP and company and there would be much less animosity towards them. But, this also would likely have watered down the impact of their collective convictions. So it's kind of a lose-lose situation, I guess. -John L
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Topic Subject: Mike may have met his match
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Mike is not alone in what he does nor is he the most "successful." The similarity between him and Frank is unmistakeable. See for yourself! Do a google search on: "his emergent card" frank. You'll see the post has been "removed" but the "cached link" still works--for now. compare it to: And if you have a yahoo account: I am researching cultic behaviors. Feel free to send any information with the source cited. Thank you and thanks to the list overseers. Mrs. Terry Cain