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Topic Subject: What is a cult?
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I have heard the term cult. I have herd the term acult. Just what is considered to be a cult/acult? also please e-mail me scripture references that discribe what a cult is. Jim
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The "experts" (Mike Peters and his followers) in "Meetings in His Kingdom"( are seemingly trying harder to draw the "house church movement" under their influence with their House Church website, They also have a sponsored link to help them do this when someone would do a search for "house church"... Sponsored Links Should a Pastor Rule You? Authoritarianism in the church is unbiblical and unhealthy... ;d Makes House Calls Believers who don't go to church? A New Book coming your way! The original was perfect. The church that Jesus built met in Homes as family, experience the joy House Church Deep Relationships that you desire and expect in Church Life! And as we know, "attendence based" gatherings were condemned by Mike Peters and his followers and, of course, "house church" isn't getting it right either... "Small Groups? Open Church? Home Fellowships? In a world characterized by endless fads, innumerable books and catchy buzz words—yet often times resulting in tragically shallow, broken lives and relationships... DON’T ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS than the Quality of Life of JESUS CHRIST Himself and His Daily Friendship with those who walk with Him, too." One of the underlying factors that made things so unpleasant in Indy was that you could NEVER seem to be pleasing to God. Everyday was an unbearable task of jumping through hoops and striving in an unhealthy way to somehow be right with God. It was something that would manifest itself by your approval with the leaders and the elite. If you didn't please them, you didn't please God. However, it isn't HOW you have church that makes you pleasing to God. It's whether or not you are trying to live by the Spirit of God or the flesh. Romans 8, Galatians 6, I Thess. 4 And that we walk in faith. Heb. 11 There was very little ENCOURAGEMENT, very little mentioning of the kindness and patience of the Lord. Very little to cause you to worship and praise the God who shows mercy and loves us SO much he sent his son. The fruit of that was such that I recall turning to a brother and saying to him (having been spiritually beaten and shattered in faith), "There is not a word you can say to me that would bring encouragement." My soul and spirit had been ravaged by the spiritual abuse of an arrogant, dominating, controlling, manipulating leader known as Mike Peters and those who do his bidding. "baxter"
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Topic Subject: Are their tactics changing?
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Just curious if anyone knows an answer to this: Are some members of the group allowed to actually have significant interaction with Christians outside their group? In other words, attend other churches, small groups, etc? We've recently seen this but don't know what the thinking is behind it. Are these members so trustworthy that Mike and his leaders can trust them to spread his message without being contaminated? Or is the group starting to break up more? If there is a family who is truly looking for answers outside CII, then we want to help. But if they are just trying to infiltrate other churches, we do not want to facilitate or encourage this.